3 Hardy Plants for Porches & Patios

Don’t you love buying new plants but hate when they die? This is a challenge for many people that have plants in or around the home – keeping them alive. You don’t want to waste money when you’re trying to make your home more beautiful, but sometimes there is nothing you can do about a dying plant.

There are plants that you can buy to beautify your porches and patios that are less susceptible to those with black thumbs, so you won’t have several wilting plants on your porch making the home look sad and dull.


Lantana is a plant that loves the sun and can tolerate times without water. This plant is ideal for those that live in warm places and it comes in several colors, including white and yellow. You can have them in pots or plant them directly in the ground, as long as they get a lot of sun.

Wave Petunias

Wave Petunias are a great plant for outdoor living rooms edmond ok residents have. They are different from typical petunias and will last throughout the summer and into the early days of fall. These grow a lot, especially when you place them in a sunny area, and you don’t have to cut them down to see their growth and beauty.


outdoor living rooms edmond ok

Ferns love the shade and are easy to take care of, so you won’t easily be able to kill them. They do well when they are in a place that is cooler, but they can also tolerate sun and may do better where it could get partial shade and sun. There are different varieties that can be placed in pots on porches, adding a nice accent to the home.

There are several other plants you can choose from, many of which will depend on where you live and what season it is.