What is the Most Common Cause of Tooth Loss?

Many people suffer from tooth loss.  The causes of tooth loss vary and include genetics, improper oral health care, eating the wrong foods, and even age. But of these concerns, it is poor dental health that often causes more cases of tooth loss than the rest.

The American Dental Association recommends that everyone visit the dentist two times per year for an exam and dental cleaning. During these exams, dentists can determine if the teeth are healthy or if there are concerns that need to be addressed. Cleaning removes plaque and other stuck-on grime from the teeth.

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It is essential that you maintain the twice per year dentist visits if you want to maintain good oral health. Preventative care is the best care and reduces the risks you’ll need a tooth extraction. Apart from visiting the dentist per recommendations from the ADA, you can also remember a few tips while at home.

First, brush your teeth twice per day, every day. Over 70% of people who experience tooth loss report they never or ‘only occasionally’ brush their teeth. Use a gentle, circular motion when brushing for two minutes each brushing session. Do not forget to floss to remove particles stuck between the teeth.

Monitor the foods that you include in your diet. Sweets and carbohydrates damage the teeth if they are not consumed in moderation. They also cause other negative impacts to your health. Ensure your diet consists of healthy foods like fresh vegetables and fruit.

It is true that dentists have more options for tooth replacement today than ever before, like the best dental implants columbus. However, we want to maintain our natural teeth when possible. Keep the information in mind listed above and you can ensure tooth loss does not negatively impact your life.